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My name is Kim and I am the face behind Wattles & Daisies. Let me tell you a little bit more about myself and how I decided to start my very own small business.

I grew up between Belgium and Australia, hence Wattles (Australian flower) and daisies (European flower). Now I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and am enjoying the beautiful nature, flowers, dutch scenery.  I have always enjoy art & crafts and creating gifts for friends or to decorate the house. I also love fashion & accessories, especially statement earrings. Only issue is that statement earrings are always quite heavy and I often ended up with sore ears at the end of the day/night.

About a year ago, I discover polymer clay and its lightness. I started making earrings for myself and soon realised that I would love to turn this into a small business.. so here I am!



I love pastel colours and earthy tones

I am crazy about plants. Currently I have about 50 specimens in my house.

When I am not creating earrings, I love going 

 for long walks with my dog Molly, cooking, eating chocolate (Belgian one of course :p) and binge watching Gilmore Girls.

I also do a little dance of delight when someone buys my products, another of life’s simple pleasure!

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